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Popoquinha finds 'her' Elephant having fun by spraying water high into the air with its trunk

The conceptual image of the stick figure bathing in the water sprayed by 'her' Elephant is iconic. Several quick miniature sketches were produced on rolls of paper until I found one that better fit to represent this wonderful scene. I sketched 'her' Elephant and the little figure from various distinct angles until I found one that didn't compromise the visual flow of the book, avoiding excessive perspectives that often distort the portrayed figure, which was not the goal here. After selecting the miniature drafts, the next step was to sketch on a larger scale to apply light and shadow effects using various pencils of different grades, from the hardest to the softest. Tracing the main lines onto a professional painting sheet through the light table, mounting it on a support to receive multiple layers of paint without warping, which tends to happen if these procedures are not adopted. In the carousel above, you'll find the finalized sketches, light and shadow studies, and the finished boards.
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