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Fernando Rigo is an advertiser with an MBA in Digital Marketing and Online Communication. In addition, he has extensive supplementary training, covering areas such as Communication, Marketing, Design, and Illustration. With over 15 years of experience in the creative industry, 11 of which were dedicated to work in Marketing departments, he has developed pieces for advertising campaigns both online and offline, as well as institutional (branding) and internal audience-focused campaigns (internal communication and endomarketing). He also has expertise in graphic design and illustration.

Since 2019, he has been dedicated to transforming texts into illustrated books, giving shape to imagination through strokes, colors, and brushes. This passion has accompanied him since childhood. He works with various techniques, including traditional painting (gouache, colored pencils, watercolors, Suvinil, mixed media), ink line illustration (nib pen), and digital painting, using powerful brushes to make the journey through the beautiful and enchanting world of children even more playful.

His creative process begins after the initial meeting, where he conceives the design of the characters that will be part of the work. Next, he develops the color palette and creates illustrations of the settings, choosing the most appropriate technique for each type of story.

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