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Popoquinha meets Mrs. Zebra, and they embark on an adventure through the forest.

In these pages, I sought to portray a charming little zebra, full of liveliness and friendliness, inviting our heroine to climb on its back to explore the forest. The main scene in these double pages encapsulates exactly that: the concept of happiness linked to freedom. Countless sketches of the little giraffe were made with a 0.3 mm graphite pencil, using various photographic references of zebras. The entire book project was meticulously studied to achieve the best visual results. The choice of an opaque ink that could also be diluted in water to create watercolor effects in some situations was crucial for the success of the work in visual terms. In the carousel above, I present the images of the selected sketches and their respective painted boards. A true spectacle of colors and strokes.
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