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The Evolution of the Covers for "Popoquinha and Her Forest Friends."

The entire project of "Popoquinha and Her Forest Friends" was meticulously hand-painted, using wall paint that, once dry, bears a remarkable resemblance to gouache. A significant advantage is that it does not stain in case, by accident, a droplet of water falls onto a finished surface. The first and fourth covers were designed with intentional similarity but with a notable difference: the appearance of Popoquinha's friends on the fourth cover, unlike the first, where they are hidden. I sought to place the character in the spotlight, subtly and always smiling, ready to embark on new adventures. In the color palette, I blended shades of green, brown, and orange for the backgrounds, choosing cheerful and vibrant colors for the treetops to contrast with the serenity of green variations. In the carousel above, we can observe the transition from the pencil sketch to the finished page.
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